1. What is your warranty?

Otis Amps are made to last a lifetime, but sometimes the unexpected can occur.  We are eager to take care of our customers which is why every Otis amplifier is guaranteed to be free from defects in parts (excluding tubes) and workmanship for 1 year. Tubes are guaranteed for the first 6 months. After one year the warranty continues to cover only parts for an additional 2 years. The warranty excludes any damage that occurs from user abuse(beer spills, dropping/throwing, damage from tube failure or modification) or any cause out of Otis Amplification's control.  The owner is responsible for shipping. If upon inspection the repairs are deemed under warranty, we will pay return shipping. Repairs and services are still available after the warranty expires for cost of parts and a $30/hr bench fee. 

2. What is your lead time?

We prefer to sell amps that are "ready to ship." Custom order requests can be made at Our turn around tends to be around 4-8 weeks. This is dependent on workload, the type of order, and that all manufacturing occurs in house. We take our time to make sure nothing leaves our shop unless it meets our highest standard. In order to start an order we need %50 down.  The rest of the outstanding balance will be invoiced once goods are ready to ship. Whether you are Richard Keith or Keith Richards, amps are built in the order received.