Radical tone
& design.


Otis is dedicated to building high quality, custom and compact amplifiers with superior design.


Every amp is point-to-point wired one at a time on terminal strips. We look to utilize and source the best new and NOS components we can to give that old amp feel with superior reliability. Amps offer parts such as Allen Bradley resistors, American-made ceramic sockets, NOS Tung Sol tall glass 6SL7 preamp tubes and NOS 6CZ5 power tubes. Our first two models, Trudeau and Starla, have the ability to swap 6CZ5s for 6973 power tubes.


What people are saying about Otis...

NAMM newcomer Otis Amps from Chico, CA impressed us with their simple, elegant, and screaming little amps.
— Premier Guitar
They sound amazing, are easily mobile and look cooler than any amp I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to get more.
— Chris Hess, SWIMM
Not only has this been an amazing boutique studio amp, but it’s been ideal for touring. A great switch hitter. The unusual and interesting cab design also turns heads wherever we take it.
— Spencer Petersen, Sego
Your amps are too loud. I’m trying to conduct business over here! I’ll have you written up!
— NAMM 2016 Exhibitor, TASCAM

Two separate preamps. Massive sound.
15 watts of perfection.